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Conservation Groups Sue Bureau of Land Management over Protest Process and Timber Sales Decision

Environmental conservation organizations are challenging a recent Bureau of Land Management decision to eliminate the administrative protest process for timber sales.  The BLM announced last year a final rule amending a 1984 regulation that required...

Baking Company Sued for Misclassifying Deliverymen as Independent Contractors

Former employees of Flowers Food Inc. filed a lawsuit against the wholesale bakery on Monday for allegedly violating the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Louisiana Wage Payment Law by misclassifying deliverymen as independent contractors, making illegal deductions...

Chipotle Reaches $8M Proposed Settlement with Former Employees Concerning Overtime Dispute

Former Chipotle employees reached a proposed settlement of up to $8 million with the fast-casual restaurant last week after eight years of hotly contested litigation concerning overtime pay. New York resident Maxcimo Scott initially...

Swedish Medical Company Sues New York Tactical Company For Trademark Infringement

A Swedish medical company is suing a New York based tactical equipment company for alleged trademark infringement.  Plaintiff Mölnylcke Health Care AB is a leading international medical solutions company headquartered in Sweden. Since...

Virginia Doctor Pleads Guilty to Nearly $2 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

A Virginia doctor pleaded guilty to a nearly $2 million health care fraud scheme that involved prescribing medically unnecessary medications, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia announced in a press release last Friday. 

DOJ Denies Mishandling of Medical Staffing Company Anti-competitive Investigation

The Department of Justice denied allegations that it mishandled an interview of an indicted former health care staffing manager who is accused of colluding with a competitor to suppress wages for Las Vegas school nurses.