Offshore Wind Power Initiatives with Jack Smith

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President Biden  has called for the doubling of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030. To say the process for getting such projects up and running is complex is an understatement. There will be plenty of obstacles to the administration’s lofty goal. Where will these impediments to development arise? What role will states play? How will NGOs react to this ambitious ramp-up?

Joining me to discuss this important subject is Jack Smith, a partner with Nelson Mullins in Charleston, South Carolina. Jack’s practice includes hazardous waste site management and remediation, contaminated property liability negotiation, litigation, redevelopment and related regulatory counseling. He has also worked for several state and federal government environmental agencies. Jack earned his JD from the University of South Carolina School of Law and a BS in Psychology, also from the University of South Carolina.

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I hope you enjoy the interview, and especially my solution for preventing birds from flying into windmills. I’m going to be rich. –Tom Hagy