Announcing Law Street’s Emerging Litigation News Feed

In nearly three years since the relaunch of Law Street Media, coverage of emerging litigation and our analytics-powered deep dives have proven to be our most popular and shared content. I’m excited to announce that Law Street will provide more pioneering coverage featuring a new Emerging Litigation news feed, a free daily newsletter combining the existing Tech, Health, and Agriculture newsletters, as well as additional emerging litigation subjects with added analytics and insights. The new newsletter is launching on Tuesday, September 13th.

The focus on emerging litigation will ensure Law Street fulfills its core purpose – informing our readers of the latest developments and trends in the law so that lawyers can better shape their practice and win new business. We look forward to providing even more of our analytics-powered Insights deep dives in the coming months.

In the new feed, you can expect to read stories covering:

  • How the law interacts with new technologies, from facial recognition and cryptocurrency to new foods and medicines
  • Emerging litigation strategies and trends
  • How lawyers react to world events, from global changes like the pandemic to regulatory changes

You can read all this coverage here, on the Law Street Media homepage. If you’re already subscribed to one of those newsletters, you’re all set to receive the new single-feed newsletter! If you haven’t yet, you can sign up here.

Thanks so much for reading Law Street, and I hope you enjoy our new and expanded coverage.