Cannabis Brand Dreamfields Accused of Overstating THC in Products

Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson have filed a class action complaint against Dreamfields Brands, Inc and Med for America, Inc. They allege that these companies intentionally labeled Jeeter brand cannabis prerolls as containing a higher THC content than is actually in the products.

As described in the complaint, the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) requires that all cannabis products must be labeled with the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC; the main psychoactive chemical) contained in said product. This can be marked as either a percentage by weight or a milligram amount. Furthermore, this THC content label must be within 10% of the actual amount contained in the product.

However, the complaint goes on to describe that there is a significant incentive for companies to label their products as more potent than they actually are, as strong THC doses are in high demand and sell for elevated prices. 

Jeeter brand prerolls are advertised as containing high THC percentages (in excess of 35%) and are described as “the one Joint that will get you to Mars quicker than Elon Musk,” according to the complaint. However, the complaint references a report by Weed Week that found near ubiquitous THC inflation, including in Jeeter brand prerolls. For example one variety of Jeeter prerolls was listed at a THC content of 46%, but this independent lab found an actual THC content between 23–27%, well below the required accuracy of 41–50%.

The plaintiffs filed this suit on behalf of all other California customers who bought Jeeter prerolls and seek class-action certification, punitive and compensatory damages, reasonable attorney’s fees, and an injunction against further sales of the products in question. The complaint was filed in the Los Angeles County Court, where Jasper Centeno resides and purchased the products in question. The plaintiffs are represented by Dovel & Luner, LLP