Environmental Democracy Project Sues Cannabis Co. Over CAA Violations

The Environmental Democracy Project, a California-based nonprofit organization, filed a complaint against Colorado’s Green Sage Management LLC, alleging the defendant violated the Clean Air Act (CAA).

According to the complaint, the defendant has violated the CAA over the past two years by unlawfully operating nine massive diesel generators around the clock. The defendant operates these generators—which, allegedly, are the size of eighteen-wheel trucks—to supply their indoor cannabis cultivation facility with power.

However, the complaint alleges, the defendants have not acquired air quality permits to operate said generators. Additionally, the generators also release tons of carcinogens, diesel-particle-matter, into the atmosphere. The complaint states that not only do the employees and nearby residents inhale these harmful carcinogens, but the generators’ emissions are also unregulated by any air quality control because the defendant has failed to obtain the legally required permits.

The plaintiff seeks the following for relief: an injunction requiring the defendant to cease operating all unpermitted generators, payment of civil penalties, a declaration the defendant violated the CAA, and attorney’s fees and costs.

The plaintiff is represented by Williams Environmental Law and their own counsel.