Euro Foods, Inc. Sued for Salmonella Outbreak in Salami Sticks

On Friday, Michelle Wernli and Evan Aldrich filed a complaint on behalf of their minor son in the Central District of California against Euro Foods, Inc. for an alleged Salmonella outbreak in the defendant’s salami stick products.

According to the complaint, Michelle Wenli, Evan Aldrich and their minor son are residents of California. The complaint states that Euro Foods, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation doing business as Citterio USA and supplies, packages, distributes, and sells food products including the adulterated salami sticks at issue. 

The complaint alleges that on November 12th, 2021 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data and findings stating Citterio brand Premium Italian-Style Salami Sticks was the likely cause of Salmonella outbreak that affected 31 people from 10 states including California. The complaint purports that the CDC findings stated that 100% of the interviewed individuals affected by the outbreak reported eating salami sticks and 96% reported eating or maybe eating Citterio brand Premium Italian-Style Salami Sticks. 

Further, Citterio allegedly recalled approximately 119,091 pounds of salami stick products due to suspected Salmonella contamination. The complaint states that the Salmonella outbreak started on dates ranging from September 18 to October 18.

The plaintiffs allege that their minor son consumed at least one Citterio brand Premium Italian-Style Salami Stick that was later subject to Defendant’s recall during the week of September 27 – October 3. The plaintiffs further allege that on October 4th, 2021 the plaintiffs son began showing symptoms of Salmonella and a stool culture eventually came back positive for Salmonella. 

The plaintiffs are seeking damages in the form of cost incurred and “an amount that is fair and reasonable, but no less than $75,000.01” for each cause of action which are strict liability, breach of warranty, negligence, and negligence per se.  The plaintiffs are represented by Marler Clark, LLP