Starbucks Seeks to Limit Union Participation in NLRB Case

Starbucks has asked a Michigan court overseeing a labor case against it to limit the participation of a union to only briefing and oral argument. The move comes in opposition to the union’s desire to examine witnesses in its role as amicus curiae.

The case was brought by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in November, and seeks an order requiring the coffee shop chain to refrain from discharging employees for supporting unions.

The motion, filed on Wednesday, argues that Workers United’s request to participate in the case is an improper attempt to participate as an intervenor without meeting the requirements to do so.

They also argue that the request is unnecessary, as “the Union has shown no reason why [the NLRB] cannot adequately examine witnesses and present evidence at hearing to support its position on the injunctive relief sought and to adequately protect the interests of the workers whom the Union represents.”

Starbucks is represented by Littler Mendelson.