Baycare Health Accused of Racial Discrimination For Not Providing Working Equipment to Some Employees

On Monday a case was filed in the Middle District of Florida by a former employee against their employer, Baycare Health System. The complaint alleged discriminatory behavior was exhibited against the defendant by his supervisors, including failure to provide necessary supplies and tech to properly perform the assigned duties as a Radiology Technology Assistant.

In the position, Plaintiff was tasked with transporting patients to different areas of the hospital after he received assignments through an electronic system known as Tele-tracking.  Tele-tracking utilizes electronic notifications via an iPod device.  However, this system allegedly had historic connectivity issues with the facility wireless system and the facility replaced the devices for some employees in similar situations. 

The plaintiff’s iPod was not replaced.  The plaintiff alleged that those employees whose iPods were replaced were white, and that none of his fellow African American colleagues were included in the group that received updated equipment. 

The plaintiff reported that his device frequently malfunctioned, resulting in missing assignments. He reported this to his supervisor and took steps to seek direct technology assistance from the hospital tech staff, however, his requests were reportedly denied by both entities. 

Additionally, during the same time period, the plaintiff alleged that his direct supervisor treated Caucasian employees more leniently than the plaintiff and other African American employees. The plaintiff alleged that there were also direct racial bias statements from his supervisor. 

In 2019, the plaintiff was fired and the reason given was unaccounted for time. The plaintiff claimed that his firing was directly related to the malfunctioning device and missed assignments caused by his lack of working equipment. 

The plaintiff filed the lawsuit with claims of racial discrimination and hostile work environment. He is represented by Community Law for Families and Children, PLLC.