CVS to Face FLSA Action in E.D. Louisiana Court

On Friday a case was filed in the Louisiana Eastern District Court. The case was filed by employee as a class action against CVS Pharmacy Inc. The case is regarding failure to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The plaintiff was hired by CVS as a pharmacist. The plaintiff alleges that CVS wrongfully classed her position as an exempt salaried position instead of as an hourly basis employee. Per the plaintiff, this classification was only applied for the sake of not paying overtime as she was otherwise paid on an hourly basis. Per the plaintiff, CVS used this classification to justify not paying for more than 37.50 hours per week, regardless of the number of hours actually worked which usually totaled 45 hours per week. The plaintiff also accuses the defendant of failing to pay vacation hours as earned at time of separation.

The plaintiff is suing CVS for violation of FLSA, failure to pay minimum wage, and failure to pay owed wages. Plaintiff is represented by The Law Office of Kevin S. Vogeltanz LLC.