Energy Drink Company Files Money Judgment Recovery Suit

On Friday, energy and sports beverage company Bang Energy filed a lawsuit against The Made-Rite Company requesting a recovery of money judgement from the Southern District Court of Florida. 

The plaintiff is seeking payment from the defendant, a wholesale distributor of soft drinks within Texas who had been delivered various energy beverage products from the plaintiff for the purpose of wholesale distribution and resale. 

Between the months of March and July 2020, the plaintiff issued numerous invoices to the defendant for amounts totaling  $485,106.72. To this day, the complaint said the defendant has yet to make the requested payments, which are entirely past due and owing.

The plaintiff requests that these debts be paid, in addition to legal fees and any other expenses that the court decides are owed. The specific counts include account stated, goods sold, open account, and unjust enrichment.

The plaintiff is represented by in-house counsel.