Female Iora Health Employee Files Complaint Under the Equal Pay Act

On Tuesday, Jessica Appleby, an employee of Iora Health, filed a complaint in the Northern District of New York against her employer. The case alleged that the defendant violated the Equal Pay Act and discriminated against the plaintiff by offering a significantly lower salary than her male coworkers. 

The plaintiff, a female, was reportedly hired in April 2021 as a data engineer, with a salary of $105,000.00 per year. The plaintiff learned a few months after being hired that her position was officially coded in Iora’s systems as Level 3 Senior BI Engineer. The plaintiff also learned that male data engineers hired as data engineers to the same position title were being paid $30,000 to $50,000 more than her salary and were coded as Level 5 Staff Engineers. 

After speaking with her supervisor, the plaintiff learned that she and another female employee were both started at a lower salary to see if the employment would work out and if their skills match their resume, while her male colleagues were not. Although the plaintiff requested that her salary be raised to match others, but this request was denied, Iora Health explained a planned merger was the reason for the denial. 

The plaintiff filed the lawsuit citing violation of the Equal Pay Act, violation of NY Labor Law Chapter 31, Article 6, § 190 et seq., and violation of New York Executive Law § 290 et. seq.  

Appleby is represented by Tully Rinckey LLC.