Florida CVS Sued for Malpractice, After Allegedly Mistaken Prescriptions

On Tuesday a case was filed in the Miami-Dade County Eleventh Circuit Court against Holiday CVS LLC. The case alleges malpractice by the pharmacy chain in the dispensing and sale of pharmaceuticals.

The plaintiff, according to the complaint, went to CVS to fill her three prescribed medications. As a part of CVS’s preparation for filling prescriptions, CVS places the medications for a patient in a paper bag and staples the prescription to the top of the bag. Then, after the patient arrives to pay for the prescription, the CVS clerk verifies that the patient’s name and date of birth, then provides the bag whose prescription matches that information.

Unbeknownst to the plaintiff and contrary to store policy, the pharmacist included a prescription intended for a different patient in the plaintiffs bag. The plaintiff then proceeded to take the medications provided. According to court documents, due to complications from the extra medications passed out and was injured.

The plaintiff is suing for negligence against CVS under respondeat superior. The plaintiff is represented by the law firm of Christopher Lanza.