Florida Hospital Sued for Alleged Age Discrimination by Former Employee

A former employee filed a complaint in the Southern District of Florida against Larkin Community Hospital, Inc., alleging age discrimination.

Thursday’s case regards purported violations of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which prohibits discrimination or maltreatment of older employees in favor of younger employees. 

According to the complaint, the 59-year-old plaintiff was employed by the defendant as a phlebotomist, originally on the night shift. The complaint noted that in January of 2020, the plaintiff was transferred to the afternoon shift. After the transfer, the plaintiff alleged that she overheard several disparaging comments regarding her age from co-workers and her supervisor. The plaintiff’s hours were reduced from 40 to 32 without explanation and after the reduction, the supervisor began to intensively manage the plaintiff without explanation, asserted the plaintiff. The plaintiff claimed she received a warning for working overtime, but was denied a written copy without explanation. She was then terminated from her position and replaced by a substantially younger new hire, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff is suing for violation of the ADEA and seeks monetary damages in the form of back pay with interest. The plaintiff is represented by the Gallardo Law Office, P.A.