Florida Medical Clinic Sued for Racial Discrimination

Florida Medical Clinic, LLC, is facing suit from former employee Jesse Casarez over allegations that the company knowingly discriminated against him because of his race. Casarez is seeking a trial by jury, claiming that the financial and emotional damage he has sustained from this trauma entitles him to relief.

The Florida Medical Clinic is a “for-profit, domestic corporation operating as a medical clinic.” Casarez worked at the clinic from 2013 to 2019. Casarez was employed by the Florida Medical Clinic as a maintenance worker, meaning that he was typically responsible for “working alongside Defendant’s employees to make repairs within Defendant’s facility.” As an employee of the Florida Medical Center, they controlled Casarez’s compensation rate, hours, assignments, and also had the authority to discipline him.

The plaintiff’s manager was a white man by the name of Bob Gould. Casarez claims that Gould treated him in a hostile, disparate manner due to his Hispanic race. As the only Hispanic worker on his team, Casarez asserted that he was unfairly exempted from work opportunities due to his race; specifically, he was allegedly not considered for partaking in on-call hours which were compensated at a higher rate. Gould allegedly saved on-call opportunities for “less tenured white employees.”

In addition to this, Casarez described the offensive behavior he was subject to from his fellow employees and manger. He claimed they used racial slurs and insults in the workplace, constantly harassing, picking on, and making fun of the plaintiff due to his race. He also claimed that the employees had a group chat where Gould would send “racially derogatory and racially discriminatory messages intended to harass and intimidate Plaintiff.”

These racist comments, jokes, and remarks coupled with the involuntary exemption of Casarez from on-call opportunities constitute racial discrimination, the plaintiff argued. Casarez’s complaint explains that law prohibits employers from subjecting their employees to a “racially hostile workplace.” He is seeking a trial by jury and relief in accordance with the financial and emotional damages he has sustained as a result of the unjust discrimination.The plaintiff is represented by Lee Law.