Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Says City Discriminated Against It

Singer Health LLC, which operates a substance use treatment facility, says that the City of Riviera Beach violated Florida law, the ADA, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in a complaint filed against the city Tuesday.

 The plaintiffs own and operate sober living and substance use disorder treatment housing facilities. They are challenging the city’s “refusal to grant their request for a zoning verification or a reasonable accommodation to allow them to provide housing to their disabled residents.”

According to the complaint, the city has discriminated against the plaintiffs by refusing to approve business tax receipts for land property with prior accommodations. The city also allegedly enacted a 1,200 foot spacing requirement, which they say has no basis in state or city law.

The city also allegedly engaged “in a pattern of ignoring its obligations under the ADA, FHA and Section 504 [of the Rehabilitation Act]” as well as the discrimination prohibited by those laws.

The complaint alleges the plaintiffs have suffered irreparable and financial harm because of the defendant’s actions.

The plaintiffs seek an order requiring the city to approve and cease denying the plaintiffs business tax receipts, an injunction to prevent the defendant from further violating the above acts, and damages.

The plaintiffs are represented by James K Green PA.