Former Employee Sues Zimmer, Inc. Over Unpaid Overtime Wages

A suit was removed on Friday from the King County, Washington state court to the Western District of Washington by defendant Zimmer, Inc. The employment case alleges that the company violated Washington’s wage and hour laws when they failed to pay the plaintiff minimum wage for all hours worked, including overtime, and failed to provide her with accurate and timely wage statements.

The plaintiff, per her state court complaint, was hired by Zimmer in late 2019 as a Technical Services Specialist. One year later, she said she was promoted to the position of Field Service Senior Engineer I and then to Field Service Senior Engineer II. Her job entails traveling to different hospitals on the west coast to “install and service robotic surgical systems, including performing preventative and corrective maintenance.”

The plaintiff said she is required by her employers to track her hours worked and turn in corresponding time sheets. The complaint explains that she works anywhere from 40 to 70 hours a week. Zimmer purportedly misclassified the plaintiff as exempt from receiving overtime payment and the wage statements they provided her were not accurate in reflecting the number of hours she worked.

The plaintiff is seeking statutory, compensatory, and punitive damages, lost back pay, wages, litigation fees, double damages pursuant to state law, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, declaratory relief, pre- and post-judgment interest, and any other relief deemed equitable by the court.

The plaintiff is represented by Emery Reddy, PLLC.