Health Company Alleges Patent Infringement in Complaint Against CVS

CVS Health Corporation recieved a lawsuit from GreatGigz Health Solutions, or GGS on Wednesday. The lawsuit, which demands a trial by jury, was filed in the Western District of Texas and alleged four separate counts of patent infringement.

GGS is the owner of four United States patents – patents ‘194, ‘086, ‘864, and ‘000, or the GGS patents. The plaintiffs asserted that the patents they own are both valid and enforceable. The patents are involved with memory devices, storing information, and improving functionality of systems. The claims within them reportedly give priority to at least July 31, 1999.

The complaint explained that the “specific combinations of elements, as recited in the claims, was not conventional or routine at the time of the invention.” The inventive ideas embodied in the patents are said by the plaintiffs to effectively “transform the underlying non-abstract aspects of the claims into patent-eligible subject matter.” All of the aforementioned patents are believed to have been infringed by the defendants.

CVS Health Corporation runs their own online website where they market their products and allow for consumers to shop online. They also partner with Instacart to allow for some same-day delivery of groceries and other CVS products. This partnership allegedly utilizes an online apparatus “with multiple interconnected infrastructures that infringe the Asserted Patents.”

The complaint ultimately cited four separate counts of infringement for each individual patent infringed upon by the defendant. The four counts of infringement culminated in the plaintiff seeking a declaration of infringement for each of the four asserted patents, and an award of damages, attorney’s fees, interest, and ongoing post-trial royalties.

The plaintiff is represented by Garteiser Honea.