La Jolla Pharma Sues Over Sepsis Treatment Patent

On Tuesday a case was filed in the District of New Jersey by La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, La Jolla Pharma, LLC, and George Washington University against Gland Pharma Limited, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co LTD and Fosun Pharma USA Inc. The case is regarding violation of the patents for Giapreza.

Giapreza is a solution of synthetic human angiotensin II acetate in intravenous format, the complaint explained. The drug is used to treat septic or other distributive shock. In this treatment, Giapreza acts as a vasoconstrictor and can increase blood pressure and save the life of a patient in shock, especially in combination with ACE inhibitors.

The defendants submitted an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) and notice letter seeking to manufacture and distribute a generic version of Giapreza prior to the expiration of the patents, including the patent for Giapreza alone as well as the patent regarding the use of Giapreza in combination with ace inhibitors for enhanced patient response.

Plaintiffs are suing for patent infringement and seek injunctive relief to prevent future infringement of the patents as well as declaratory judgment, and monetary damages. Plaintiff is represented by Gibbons PC and Haug Partners LLP.