Miami Lab Sues After COVID-19 Testing Services Contract Breached

On Wednesday a case was filed in the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court in Florida by Finlay Clinical Laboratory, Inc. against 7 Holdings Group LLC. The case is regarding a breach of contract regarding provision of laboratory services.

The complaint alleged that 7 Holdings is the parent company of a medical group; like many medical groups, they provided COVID-19 testing for the purposes of diagnosing and treating patients. In order to ensure timely and proper processing of the tests, 7 Holdings contracted with Finlay Clinical Laboratory to process the tests in a timely manner.

Theses services were provided and were billed per the contract. 7 Holdings has made two payments toward the balance, but has failed to pay the remining $89,000.00 balance.

Plaintiff is suing for open account, unjust enrichment and quantum meruit. Plaintiff is represented by Abril Law.