Natus Medical Sued for Securities Violations in Wake of ArchiMed Deal

John Ryan filed a complaint against Natus Medical Inc. and its board of directors, alleging the defendants violated the Securities Exchange Act.

According to the complaint, the defendants released an incomplete and misleading proxy statements, recommending shareholders vote in favor of the proposed transaction: ArchiMed’s acquirement of Natus. As proposed, ArchiMed will acquire all of Natus’ outstanding shares at $33.50 a share. The complaint specifies that the defendants’ proxy statement’s misleading and incomplete pieces of information are in regard to financial projections prepared by Natus management and financial analysis.

The plaintiff seeks the following for relief: an injunction against the defendants preventing them from filing an amendment to the proxy with the SEC, an enjoinment of the defendants preventing them from closing the proposed transaction, and awards of costs, damages, and disbursements.

The plaintiff is represented by Rowley Law PLLC.