Pharma Manufacturer Sued in Puerto Rico Over Supply Chain Contract Interference

On Tuesday a case was filed in the District of Puerto Rico by Liptis Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. (Liptis USA) against Ingraham Group, LLC. The case alleges that the defendant engaged in unfair dealing and interference with contract regarding supplies for pharmaceutical manufacture.

Liptis USA, according to the complaint, is a pharmaceutical and nutritional company that produces consumer products as well as raw materials and precursors used for manufacture of pharmaceutical and nutritional products by other companies.

Liptis USA has a long standing contract with an affiliate corporation, Liptis for Pharmaceuticals and Medical SAE (Liptis Egypt). This contract allegedly grants Liptis USA rights as sole provider of raw materials for Liptis Egypt, while requiring that Liptis USA support the financing of purchasing those raw materials, for a period of 10 years ending in 2028.

The complaint also recounted that Ingraham was founded in 2019 and as its first business action, it formed a contract with Liptis Egypt to provide the raw materials that were under the terms of the contract with Liptis USA. The founder of Ingraham, Sami Omar, was the Chief Operations Officer of Liptis Egypt and allegedly aware of the contract and its terms due to his position.

The plaintiff also alleges that the contract was vastly in Ingraham’s favor, with Liptis Egypt receiving a fraction of the materials it would have received from Liptis USA for the stated price.

The plaintiffs are suing for tortious interference with a contractual relationship. The plaintiffs are represented by the office of ECIJA SBGB.