State and Federal Claims Filed Against Cigna for Unpaid Hours

On Wednesday a case was filed in the District of Connecticut. The case was filed by Salvatore Gallo against Cigna Corporation. The case deals with a violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Connecticut Wage Act (CWA).

The complaint recounted that Gallo participated in a staffing agency known as Apex Systems. Through that program, his resume was presented to an employer staffing agency known as ProUnlimited, who hired him to work on behalf of Cigna to work in their IT department as a Technical Support Specialist. As a part of his duties, Mr. Gallo worked on IT infrastructure projects in Cigna’s headquarters, which required that he swipe in and out of the facility, which created a electronic record of Mr. Gallo’s records independent of the official time sheet.

The plaintiff alleged that his direct supervisor on the project ordering him to report a maximum of 40 hours per week on the project, regardless of the total numbers of hours worked. This resulted in Gallo only being paid for 40 hours, regardless of a work schedule that was far higher and occasionally resulted in work weeks of 100 hours. When Gallo protested that maximum amount, he was threatened with termination of his staffing contract. This circumstance allegedly resulted in violations of both the FLSA and the CWA, which require a certain minimum compensation per number of hours worked.

The plaintiff is suing for violation of the FLSA and CWA, seeking compensation for all hours worked in excess of 40 per week as well as penalty damages, attorney’s fees, and court costs. Mr. Gallo is represented by the firm of Hayber, McKenna & Dinsemore.