Suit Filed Over Breach of Pharma Consulting Services

On Friday a case was filed in the District Court of Maryland by SciRegs International Inc against Identi Pharmaceuticals, Identirx, Flatwing Pharmaceuticals, Estreno Pharmaceuticals, and Rajneesh Ahuja. The case is regarding a breach of contract and the provision of consulting services regarding approval from the FDA regarding new pharmaceuticals.

SciRegs is a consulting firm specializing in preparation of new drug applications and other forms for review by the FDA; according to the complaint, SciRegs entered into a contract with Flatwing Pharmaceuticals and Estreno Pharmaceuticals, and later entered into a similar one in August 2018, with  Identi Pharmaceuticals and Identirx, to provide consulting services. The contract was followed until February 2020, where SciRegs continued to provide the contracted services, but payment was not issued for billings totaling $188,312.50. There has been no defense provided by the defendants, and no payment for the services that were due upon billing, the complaint said.

The plaintiff is suing for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, as well as intentional misrepresentation from the primary officer who signed the contracts on behalf of the defendants.

The plaintiff is represented by the firm of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny. The defendants are represented by the firms of Conti Fenn, Alexander I Arezina Attorney at Law, and Via Legal