Walgreens Sued Over Hydrogen Peroxide Advertising

Jim Novotney filed a complaint against Walgreens Co. for false and misleading representations regarding their Hydrogen Peroxide product.

The complaint provides a brief history of hydrogen peroxide: it was first used to bleach hats, then treat conditions such as typhoid, however, Alexander Flemming discovered that wounds treated with hydrogen peroxide heal slower and have higher death rates than untreated wounds. The complaint cites to Dr. Michael Daignaul’s description of a “dangerous medical myth” that hydrogen peroxide should be applied to cuts and scrapes.

The complaint states then references a photograph showing the front label of the defendant’s hydrogen peroxide product is marketed as “first aid antiseptic” and “oral debriding agent.” On the back label of the defendant’s product is titled “Drug Facts;” on that label, under the statement “Walgreens Pharmacist Recommended,” is the allegedly false, misleading, and potentially harmful statement, “for treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.”

The plaintiff seeks the following for relief: declaring the complaint a proper class action, injunctive class relief, monetary damages, and awards of costs and expenses.

The plaintiff is represented by Sheehan & Associates P.C..