Amazon Sued over Smart Speaker, Tablet Patents

Amazon is facing a patent infringement lawsuit over several of its software and hardware products, including Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV. The company is accused of appropriating 10 patents relating to internet-pads, wireless controllers, and communications software. The case is being held in the Western District of Texas before Judge Alan D. Albright.

Plaintiff Flexiworld Technologies, Inc. asserts infringement of United States Patent Nos. 8,332,521 (“the ’521 Patent”), 8,989,064 (“the ’064 Patent”), 9,110,622 (“the ’622 Patent”), 10,133,527 (“the ’527 Patent”),10,140,072 (“the ’072 Patent”), 10,162,596 (“the ’596 Patent”), 10,387,087 (“the  ’087  Patent”), 10,481,846 (“the  ’846 Patent”), 10,489,096 (“the ’096 Patent”), and 10,642,576 (“the ’576 Patent”). Filed between 2007 and 2018, the patents claim intellectual ownership of internet-pads featuring cameras, touch screens, and “support for voice activated commands.” The claims also include circuitry and software for internet pads and wireless communication devices.

Amazon’s tablet products, like the Fire Tablet, are accused of infringing upon Flexiworld’s patents for many reasons, including its “output manager software for managing output or rendering of digital content to a wireless output device.” Flexiworld claims intellectual ownership of the means by which Amazon’s devices send and receive communications, including digital content. This is allegedly similar across the accused products.

Based in Vancouver, WA, Flexiworld is a software company developing mobile device applications, including one that enables remote printing. William H. Chang, the company’s founder, allegedly claims ownership of over 77 patents in the United States. As a result of Amazon’s alleged patent infringement, Flexiworld seeks an award of reasonable royalties and “supplemental damages arising from any continuing post-verdict infringement.”

Flexiworld is represented by Nelson Bumgardner Albritton.