Ericsson Says Samsung Smartphones Utilize Its Patented Technology

On January 1, Ericsson, including Ericsson Inc.,Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, and Ericsson AB filed a patent infringement complaint against Samsung Electronics. The filing accused the Korean company and its United States subsidiary of infringing four patents related to wireless device technology.

According to the filing, Ericsson, a Swedish company, “owns a valuable portfolio of patents that are globally used in cellular handsets, smartphones, tablet computers, tele visions, and many other electrical devices.” The plaintiff explained that Samsung, and specifically its Information Technology & Mobile Communications division, is responsible for the design, creation, and sale of mobile devices, like smartphones that work using cellular networks around the nation and world.

Ericsson described four patents that it argued Samsung illegally infringes directly, indirectly, contributorily, and by inducing others to do so. In particular, Samsung reportedly infringed the patents by incorporating their technology into its smartphones, other mobile devices, and televisions with wireless connectivity, Ericsson claims.

For example, one of the complaint’s four counts accuses Samsung of direct infringement of Ericsson’s U.S. Patent No. 7,151,430, entitled “Method of and Inductor Layout for Reduced VCO Coupling.” The filing stated that the defendant’s infringement is the “result of activities performed by manufacturers, resellers, or end-users of the Samsung Galaxy S20+5G and the Samsung 32Q50 Smart TV, who perform each step of the claimed invention as directed by Samsung.”

The other patents-in-suit are titled, “In-Built Antenna for Mobile Communication Device,” “Mobile Multimedia Engine,” and “Method and System for Secure Over-the-top Live Video Delivery.” For the alleged harm, Ericsson is seeking a judgment of infringement, willful infringement, injunctive relief, and damages, among other requests.

Ericsson is represented by McKool Smith, P.C.