HP is Sued for Patent Infringement

On December 3, plaintiff SolutionInc Limited filed a complaint against defendants Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and Aruba Networks, Inc. (SolutionInc Limited v. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company; Aruba Networks, Inc. 1:19-cv-01181) for patent infringement. The suit was filed in the Texas Western District Court.

The Patent-in-Suit is United States Patent No. 7,526,538 (the ’538 Patent), entitled “System using server to provide mobile computer accessing to a different network without reconfiguring the mobile computer,” was issued in 2009 and assigned to SolutionInc.

The complaint claimed that HP directly infringed upon the ’538 Patent at least via HP’s Aruba Enterprise Network Solution by violating at least exemplary claim 1 of the patent by “making, using, offering to sell, selling and/or importing” these or other infringing products. There have also been other infringing HP devices. Further, the complaint stated that HP also directly infringed upon the ’538 Patent by having its employees test and use these products.

The exhibit explained step by step how HP’s product infringed upon exemplary claim 1 of the ’538 Patent. For example, the patent states “[a] server for use with a network to provide access to a mobile computer configured for a different network without reconfiguring the mobile computer through hardware or software.” HP’s product infringed on this claim because Aruba Networks WLAN Solution, the server, provides a user’s devices access to the network via login without any reconfiguration. Additionally, as part of the patent, it must have “a registration module to register the mobile computer to access the network.” Aruba Networks WLAN Solution’s “guest users are redirected to a captive portal and must present a username and password to connect to the guest network.” These are some examples of the claims SolutionInc has made in regards to HP’s infringing products.

The complaint alleged that HP has induced infringement and contributory infringement by selling these infringing end-user products to customers and perpetuating their customers’ infringement of the Patent. Further, the complaint stated that the HP products use the technology as it is claimed in the ’538 Patent.

SolutionInc has sought relief for damages and is represented by Rabicoff Law.