Peloton Hit with Minnesota Wage and Hour Class Action

A lawsuit filed on Wednesday accuses tech-fitness company Peloton Interactive Inc. of skimping on wages owed to some hourly employees. The plaintiff argues that as a field technician responsible for delivering and setting up indoor cycling bikes, Peloton failed to pay him overtime premiums for any hours he worked over 40 hours but less than 48 hours in a workweek.

In particular, the Ramsey County, Minn. complaint alleges that the fitness giant did not pay the plaintiff for work performed during scheduled break periods, resulting in less overtime pay than what the plaintiff actually earned during his September 2019 to March 2021 tenure.

In addition, Peloton paid the plaintiff non-discretionary bonuses. In this regard, the complaint accuses the company of failing to include those bonuses into the plaintiff’s regular rate of pay when calculating his overtime compensation, once again resulting in underpayment.

The lawsuit seeks to certify a class of Minnesota hourly workers who were similarly underpaid during the relevant state or federal liability period. The filing claims that the class will be composed of more than 40 individuals, with the exact number to be determined from records maintained by the defendant.

The worker seeks relief from purportedly wilful and knowing violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the state’s labor code. He seeks his and the putative classes’ unpaid overtime wages and liquidated damages. The plaintiff is represented by The Law Office of Joshua R. Williams PLLC and Tarshish Cody PLC.