RFID Technology Innovations Sues For Infringement Of RFID Scanning Patent

On Tuesday in the Middle District of Florida, plaintiff RFID Technology Innovations, LLC filed a complaint against RMS Omega Technologies Group, Inc., a company that specializes in RFID, barcoding, and data collection technology services. The suit alleges that the company purportedly infringed RFID Technology Innovations’ patents through alleged use of the patented technology for RFID and barcode scanning to collect and display object data and information.

The patent-in-suit is United States Patent No. 9,582,689 (the ’689 patent), entitled, “System and method for presenting information about an object on a portable electronic device.” The plaintiff proffered that RMS Omega infringed at least claim 1 of the ’689 patent “by using and/or incorporating RFID tags with symbology scanning in connection with asset tracking products” of the defendants “in a manner covered” by the patent-in-suit.

According to RFID Technology, the defendant “[p]rovides an asset tracking product called ‘RFIDPROS’ and/or ‘ASSETracs,’ and any similar goods or services (‘Product’), which perform methods for tracking and managing inventory assets utilizing RFID and barcode/symbology scanning.” Specifically, the complaint stated that the product scans an object with an RFID tag using an electronic device, such as a handheld RFID scanner. “The scanning is done to collect data from the object containing an RFID tag within a certain vicinity. The RFID scanner, together with the software, can display the proximity of, and/or other information associated with, the object” and it can also scan barcodes after scanning the RFID tag, alleged RFID Technology. As described in the patent, the product “decodes the symbology (i.e., barcode) to obtain a decode string (i.e., asset details, ID, etc.) using the one or more detection applications residing on the electronic device.” The decoded string is sent to a remote server to be processed, after which it displays information on the device about the object based on the information in the scanned barcode and RFID tag. The plaintiff averred that the defendant described this patented technology and method on its website, further illustrating its alleged infringement. RFID Technologies proffered that this aforementioned conduct is causing it “irreparable harm and monetary damage.”

The plaintiff has sought to enjoin the defendant from further infringement, an award for damages, pre and post judgment interest and costs, and other relief.

RFID Technology is represented by Rodriguez-Albizu Law, P.A. and Kizzia Johnson, PLLC.