Samsung Sued for LED TV Patent Infringement

Plaintiff SVV Technology Innovations Inc. has filed a complaint against Samsung for patent infringement. The complaint was filed in the Texas Western District Court. SVV is represented by Katz PLLC.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 8,290,318 (the ’318 patent); 8,740,397 (the ’397 patent); 9,678,321 (the ’321 patent); 9,880,342 (the ’342 patent); 10,269,999 (the ’999 patent); 10,439,088 (the ’088 patent); and 10,439,089 (the ’089 patent).  

The patents revolve around LED TV technology. “SVVTI has also developed and demonstrated various types of innovative wide-area illumination panels and backlights employing light guides and light emitting diodes (LEDs). These panels can be tailored for specific applications and improving various characteristics of illumination systems.” the complaint explained. SVV alleged that several of Samsung’s products infringe on this technological improvement.

SVV alleged that Samsung has directly infringed at least claim 1 of the ’318 patent “by importing into the United States, making, using, selling, and/or offering for sale, at least, its QLED TV and other products containing LED-illuminated LCD displays, including televisions, computer monitors, tablets, and handheld devices.” For example, in claim 1 the patented “optical cover for light harvesting devices” was allegedly infringed upon by Samsung’s “CFG73 Monitor uses an optical cover, specifically a backlight including various light-management optical sheets…covering light harvesting devices… within a backlight/LCD panel assembly.” SVV’s accusations resulted from technical similarities, including the use of optical covers and broad-area light input/output surfaces.

SVV also alleged that Samsung has induced user infringement through users’ use of the accused products and including this information in the product user guide and marketing materials. SVV has sought at least an award for actual and supplemental damages, a compulsory ongoing royalty, an award for enhanced damages, and other relief.