UK’s ZOO Digital Sues Adobe Over DVD Technology Patent

According to a complaint filed earlier this week in the District of Colorado, one of Adobe Inc.’s audio-visual content creation products infringes two claims of U.S. Patent No 7,574,103, owned by the plaintiff, ZOO Digital Limited. The claims at issue, 67 and 68, reportedly improve upon prior art and describe methods for producing content in a DVD-video compatible format.

The filing explained that the ‘103 Patent, titled “Authoring Of Complex Audiovisual Products,” was issued in August 2009 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One exemplary invention claimed by the ‘103 Patent reportedly “comprises a computer platform comprising a storage medium storing thereon instructions that performs method steps of authoring complex audiovisual products.”

Claims 67 and 68 of the patent-in-suit reportedly address prior technological faults by setting forth a “non-abstract method for authoring of audiovisual content into a form compliant with a specification for DVD-video and able to be recorded on an optical disc recording medium.” The claims offer a practical application and inventive step that recite a novel way of creating audio-visual content and utilizing specific protocols, Zoo Digital asserted.

Allegedly, the defendant’s “Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Encore” system improperly utilizes Claim 67 and 68 of the ‘103 Patent in numerous ways. For example, the accused product “practices defining a plurality of components, the components implicitly representing functional sections of audiovisual content with respect to one or more raw content objects for use in an audiovisual product, and a plurality of transitions that represent movements between the plurality of components,” infringing Claim 67. 

For the alleged infringement, Zoo Digital seeks declaratory and injunctive relief. It also requested damages and an award of its attorneys’ fees and costs. The plaintiff is represented by Sand, Sebolt & Wernow Co. LPA.