PFAS Consumer Fraud Litigation with John Gardella

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These stubborn chemicals are everywhere. But when they find their way into products, shouldn’t someone tell consumers?

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) are a family of more 12,000 manmade compounds.  That’s a huge family. Most people would recognize the brand names Teflon, produced by Dupont and Scotchgard produced by 3M. They also go by the nickname “forever chemicals” because they are highly persistent and mobile in the environment and the human body. In addition to bodily injury and environmental pollution litigation, plaintiffs are bringing suits against companies for claiming their products and the making of their products are safe and green. New consumer lawsuits seeking millions in damages are targeting oral hygiene products — like a recent case involving dental floss — cosmetics, apparel, and food packaging.

Listen to my interview with environmental lawyer John Gardella of CMBG3 Law who discusses why PFAS concern citizens, media and legislators, what legal risks corporations face, and why we’re seeing  a surge in consumer fraud litigation.

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