Litigation Prognostication with Dan Rabinowitz

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The art and science of forecasting litigation outcomes just got a lot more sciencey.

Years of immersion in complex business disputes is bound to shine a light on problems begging for solutions. In this case, our guest observed the laborious and ineffective slog that is trying to forecast how long a case will take, how much it might cost, which jurisdiction will treat it with kindness, or how a judge might rule on a motion for summary judgment.

These are some of the critical questions our guest set out to address through the use of technology and assessment of massive data sets. He is Dan Rabinowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of  Pre/Dicta, a six-year-old company that provides litigation prediction and forecasting services.  Before Pre/Dicta, Dan was an attorney in Sidley Austin LLP’s Supreme Court and Appellate Group and the firm’s Mass Tort Litigation Group. Later, he served as trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice, general counsel to a data science company, and associate general counsel, chief privacy officer, and  director of fraud analytics for WellPoint Military Care.

Listen to what Dan has to say about how the power of technology is going to make predicting litigation as commonplace as predicting the weather. He also shares insights into a study Pre/Dicta conducted that tested assumptions about judges based on their political affiliations.


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