Nursing Home Sued for Medical Malpractice

St. Peter’s Health Partners, Trinity Health, and the Heritage Nursing Center, Inc. are under suit in their position as co-owners of the Eddy Heritage House. The suit was filed Wednesday in the County of Albany in New York. The defendants collectively own and run the facility, which the plaintiff was admitted to in late 2019. The plaintiff is alleging negligence and medical malpractice against the defendants and is seeking damages.

The defendant’s responsibility as co-owners and operators of the house are to render “personal and health care to aged, infirm, and disabled persons” at the facility, the complaint said. The plaintiff explained that the defendants misrepresented their competency and ability to perform nursing, rehabilitation, medical care, services, treatment, and other advice to patients and the plaintiff.

The plaintiff was admitted to the House in late December 2019 for care and treatment. She maintains that the defendants represented to the general public that they “employed competent and skilled personnel, [who were] qualified to provide appropriate and necessary care for the plaintiff’s physical, health, and medical needs.” During her time at the house, the plaintiff argued, the staff there failed to properly assess her required care and treatment when they left her unattended, unrestrained, and unsupervised. The lack of supervision resulted in the plaintiff falling on numerous occasions, and the defendants failed to properly identify and treat her resulting injuries.

As a result of improper treatment and identification of her injuries, the plaintiff was “caused to suffer severe disabling injuries and consciously suffered pain.” She maintains that any care rendered to her as a result of her injuries was “negligently, recklessly, improperly, and carelessly performed and was rendered in a manner which departed from good and accepted medical practice.”

The plaintiff is represented by Martin, Harding & Mazzotti.