Workers’ $575K Settlement with AT&T Given Greenlight After Initial Stumble

An order was issued on Wednesday in the Eastern District of California by Judge Jennifer L. Thurston. The suit was initially filed by lead plaintiff Luis M. Salas Razo as a class action against AT&T Mobility Services, LLC. The plaintiff had filed a motion for the preliminary approval of class settlement, which the court granted on Wednesday.

In the complaint, Razo asserted that the defendant “failed to comply with California’s wage and hour laws by failing to pay all wages due and provide proper meal and rest breaks.” The plaintiff worked for the defendant for about eleven years but was terminated in June of 2018. The complaint asserts that his wage statements and paychecks were evidence to AT&T’s misconduct, and cites counts of failure to pay for all hours worked, to pay overtime wages, to pay wages due at termination, to furnish accurate, itemized wage statements, and more.

The proposed settlement involved the parties agreeing on a gross settlement amount of $575,000.00 for the class and AT&T agreeing to pay the employer’s share of payroll taxes separately from the gross settlement amount. As a result of the settlement, AT&T will be released from the claims of the lawsuit.

Razo’s motion for the preliminary approval of the class settlement specifically sought conditional certification of the settlement class, preliminary approval of the settlement terms, appointment of the plaintiff as the class representative, Bradley/Grombacher LLP as class counsel, and Atticus Administration, LLC as settlement administrator, approval of the class notice materials, and lastly scheduling for final approval.

After reviewing the proposed settlement between Razo and AT&T, the Ccurt granted the motion. Judge Thurston concluded that the class settlement was “fair, adequate, and reasonable.”

The class was represented in the litigation by Bradley/Grombacher and the Law Offices of Sahag Majarian II, while the defendant was represented by Paul Hastings.