Clearing the Hurdles in International Discovery with Ben Daniels

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There are no borders when it comes to commerce, which means there are no borders when it comes to business disputes and litigation, either.  

In addition to evidence and witnesses being spread across continents — from Chicago to Shanghai to Sumatra — nations’  various rules and traditions governing discovery is another substantial complicating factor.  Navigating these complexities requires specialized tools, a thorough understanding of how they do things from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and how to get your case over hurdles not seen in the U.S. 

Listen to my interview with Benjamin Daniels of Robinson+Colean experienced litigator and advisor to financial institutions and global corporations. As a member of the firm’s Business Litigation Group, Ben provides creative and ardent advocacy during litigation, enforcement actions, investigations, crisis management, and white-collar defense matters.  He received his J.D.  from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. Also, and this is important, Ben had very nice things to say about Switzerland. 

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